A Body To Die(t) For
TKD Productions
C Venues, 31 July - 26 August 2013 @ 21:35:00

Reviewed by Ed Greenwood on 5th August 2013.
Help Me Help Me I Just Want To Die(t)
This bold musical encompasses the entirety of modern life (conniving politicians, celebrity culture, dysfunctional families), along with those little extras that make life worth living, and this show worth seeing. Teenager Greta just wants a normal life without being clumsily sexually assaulted by her stepfather, but is forced to run away from home. Like so many of those living on the streets, she loses so much weight that she gains super-stardom as a model. If only life remained that simple. Her well-meaning spaniel of a boyfriend gets her tangled up in a Byzantine plot of body liberation terrorists and the fast food industry, while Greta becomes nothing more than a pawn in a game between closet homosexual politicians, fat terrorists and a sex witch. As we see Greta acted out by actors of varying girth, we are led to understand that the 2-dimensional cardboard cut out props that populate this world (a cake, telephone, candle, bomb, and cat) are themselves a metaphor for something. Our attitudes to weight change as frequently as the limp of the mad German scientist who turns up sometimes. Musically, this piece is hard to fault. Nearly a year on I sometimes start yelling the chorus of “I Can't Be Tamed” while I raid the fridge. If this show ever returns, then you simply must come and see it. But first: sex.

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